Gates, Fences & Security Windows

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With years of experience designing custom metal and wrought iron structures, you'll get outstanding finished work from us that always meets residential and commercial restrictions. Call today for your FREE estimate.

Don't worry about us not being able to complete the metal work you require. We have the experience to make any design come to life!

"Incredibly responsive, courteous, and professional. His work was stellar...I'd hire him in a second!"

                     - Pam C., Rancho Mirage

     - All types of metals

     - No designs are impossible

     - Fully-licensed and insured

     - Doors, bars, gates, fences

Learn more about the specific products that are possible through the master metal fabrication of J and S Ornamentals.

Call today to get your FREE estimate.


Meticulous metal work is our signature

See your vision come to life

Expert work you can rely on

Complete your home while adding optimal security

Enhance your security along with your home's look